Aloha Forth Worth Shrimp Truck

Have you ever went on a vacation and you wanted to bottle it all up and bring it home? Yes, yes yes! Two brothers (in-law) did just that when they came back from school in Hawaii, The North Shore of Oahu. How? One brother rebuilt an old ambulance, packed it with shrimp and seasoned it with awesome Hawaiian flavors. The other brother, quit the corporate world and together completed Cocoshrimp, the BEST Food Truck in Forth Worth, Texas.

That is where I found my Hawaiian delight. I can still taste the flavors, garlic, butter, coconut, oh! how I wish to go back. The food was so fresh and amazing. Let’s reminisce about the “Sampler”_ It comes with rice and three unique flavors of shrimp on a plate. Words can’t explain–juicy, mouth watering, best and freshest shrimps! The lemon herb was succulent with a tang. Coco shrimp has a hint of sweetness from the fresh coconut. You can hear the crunch as you bite into this deliciousness. Spicy Ke Ahi is a must-try for those who are not afraid of a little F-I-R-E. It’s sautéed in a creamy sauce which intensified the flavor. The shrimps are the star of the dish but don’t sleep on the rice! Seasoned, Fluffy, Buttery with a crispy layer on top.

There are six major islands in Hawaii and the heart of all is Oahu. It is the third largest Island known for its diverse population, a fusion of east and west cultures rooted in the traditions of Hawaiian people. A rural countryside just one hour drive from Waikiki is the North Shore of Oahu. It is a place where you can lay back and enjoy the fresh cool salty air.The beach of North Shore host the world’s premier surfing competition. In addition to beautiful beaches, this surfer town offers tasty local shrimp food trucks by the dozen. One can fulfill its craving on a bucket of fresh caught shrimps. So, what happens if you can’t make it to Hawaii? FORTH WORTH, TEXAS
It is so good (I mean soooo good) that they have a second truck for catering and now a brick and mortar (318 Bryan Ave, Forth worth, TX), opening December 2, 2019. Wait…that’s tomorrow! You’ll get the same great menu with a twist. Leave a comment if you figured it out, but no worries the food truck will still be available for us.

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