A GRAND Lemonade!

What is that saying? When life gives you lemons you make Lemonade! I think they forgot to mention you need to add a teaspoon of sugar, just-saying. I found a place who got it right. It’s a food truck in Phoenix, Arizona or should I say Liquid Truck..hahah. This truck only serves lemonade, about 18 different flavors O-M-G!

Cutie’s Lemonade turn lemons to juicy tangy sweetness. My first sip of the Blue Cherry Gummy Bear Lemonade Slushy was a burst of refresh hydration. The idea came up when his daughter threw some gummies into the lemonade, bam! mind blown. It’s made with blue raspberry, maraschino cherries, and a handful of gummies, ofcourse don’t be sour about the lemons. The best part is when you chew the gummies while sipping the cold refreshing lemonade. There’s this explosion inside your mouth that I can’t even explain, should I say orgasmic..oops.
The name Cuties came about, well well well..if you are truly CU-rious, click here. Now let’s talk about the other drink that I tried. It had pieces of fresh strawberries mixed with the flavor of pineapple. It was a tropical sunset! You can close your eyes and feel the breeze as you quench your thirst from the dry Arizona sun.
 The fresh cut strawberries added softness to the juicy tang. There are so many flavors to choose from that you will never be thirsty.
You can find Cutie’s Lemonade at various events and all-around Arizona. I mean! They only have four locations and two food trucks. If you happen to be in the ZONA (get it!), dare to try the Golden Lemonade. It’s made with 24K GOLD..24K in the air ♪.

Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon State located in the Southwest of the US surrounded by dessert, cactus, and mountains. It used to be part of Mexico until 1848 after losing the war. Let me tell you a fun fact; Lemonade is the official state drink in Arizona, POOF! This happened in 2019, after a high school student made the suggestion. It is also one of the top four states that produces citrus and lemon is its biggest crop. This explains why you can find this truck full of lemons, alkaline water, and just a little sugar. All you have to do is take this truck for a spin up the canyon to mix it all up, and now you’ve got yourself a GRAND lemonade! Wink wink

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2 thoughts on “A GRAND Lemonade!

  1. It’s like a lemonade stand transformed into a lemonade truck. This is super cool! The drinks sound and look delicious ?. Thanks for sharing and I hope one day I’ll be able to share the experience.

  2. This is such a cute concept and the drinks sound so yummy! Definitely on my list to check out when I’m in Arizona!

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