Say Cheese

When I decided to be a judge at a food truck showdown never had I imagined I will be writing this. It was a competition to remember. Food were flying left and right from truck to truck. Okay, maybe I’m over stating it. However, there was more food than my tiny tummy can hold, so me and the crew decided to try one meal per truck. That went out of the window when I tried Say Cheese.

Say Cheese! Take a picture (get it) is a family owned and operated gourmet grilled cheese food trailer. It can’t get more gourmet with names on the menu like Figgin’ Goat and Pickleback. You need a lot of “cheddar” for a meal — kidding all affordable. I’m not going to lie to you, I was hesitant when I looked at the menu. If you don’t know me by now, food with the color green is a no no (read The Vegans Crave Lebanese to find out more). Now that my palate has been opened, let’s feast.

The Figgin’ Goat grilled cheese was complexed, made with goat cheese, fig jam, and arugula. You know I added a little bacon — oink oink. The earthy, tart flavor of the goat cheese, sweetness of the fig jam and the peppery taste of the arugula made the perfect pair. Everything balances out, like this melting pot of flavors. Even the bread was perfectly grilled with that beautiful golden color. Oh yeah, its was not your typical slice bread. It was a Tuscan Ciabatta bread. Next up with no hesitation was the Pickleback. It comes with cheddar cheese, bacon (yes please), and dill pickles. It was a big “dill”. If you “pickle-back” to one of my episodes you’ll see pickle is also not one of my best friends but it was one of the best grilled cheese I ever had. Your mouth is having a flavor party and invited tangy and crunchy from the pickle, buttery and creamy from the cheese and salty from the bacon. You only have to be on the mixer (wink).

Next up was the pickle back...
the figgin goat grilled cheese was complex ...

The grilled cheese is the most popular sandwich with endless ingredient options and a great comfort food. It has been around since ancient time but originated in the US in the 1920’s. The ooey gooey sandwich consisted of white bread and American cheese. Did you know it was originally prepared in an open-faced, no bread on top, what? And it was called toasted or melted cheese. Do you wonder why it’s called grilled cheese? The cheese is not grilled, just saying. Let’s get back to being cheesy. Today there’s various versions of grilled cheese made with different cheese and bread. One of the tastiest version can be found in Worcester, MA. Massachusetts is famous for its colonial history and has recorded several first like the constitution and now the best grilled cheese sandwich. The Worcester community has agreed because Say Cheese was the 2022 peoples choice winner at the food truck showdown! No need to say more

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